New Book Suggests Actual Hospital Inflation Well Below CPI Numbers


The 2017 State of the Hospital Industry published by Cleverley and Associates shows a dramatic difference between the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported values for hospital cost inflation when compared to actual payments received by hospitals when all payers, including government are included.

During the period 2010 to 2015, the BLS reported average annual inflation rates for hospital outpatient services of 4.44% and 4.89% for hospital inpatient services.  Data for all short term acute care hospitals in the US during the same period averaged 1.2% using the Net Patient Revenue per Equivalent DischargeTM.  Other key findings showed that average 5-year hospital inflation rates increased the greatest in Texas (2.4%) and were the lowest in South Dakota (-2.0%).  The Austin MSA had the highest increase (3.9%) while Jacksonville had the lowest value (-2.1%).  Investor Owned hospitals had higher rates of inflation than Voluntary non-profit hospitals (1.5% compared to 1.0%).

The 2017 State of the Hospital Industry is an annual study that presents a concise yet revealing statistical analysis of the US hospital industry. More than 80 key performance metrics are presented across a three-year period providing an insightful review of the financial performance of one the largest sectors of the US economy. It’s a great reference source for those involved in hospital finance. The publication also presents the annual Community Value Index® Leadership Awards. The Community Value Index® (CVI) was developed by Cleverley & Associates to provide a measure of the value that a hospital provides to its community by examining ten measures in four key performance areas. A complete list of the highest ranked hospitals is also provided.

Written by William O. Cleverley, Ph.D., a noted expert in healthcare finance, the State of the Hospital Industry reports selected measures of hospital financial performance and discusses the critical factors that lie behind them.  The publication focuses on the US acute-care hospital industry over a three-year period (2013-2015).

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