The CY20 OPPS Proposed Rule

A Response To The CY20 OPPS Proposed Rule (CMS-1717-P) For Increased Price & Payment Disclosures

COLUMBUS OH, SEPTEMBER 6 2019 – The CY20 OPPS Proposed Rule contains additional information and requirements regarding hospital price transparency. There are nine areas pertaining to the proposed requirements for hospitals to make public a list of their standard charges. Some of the areas represent further clarifications or definitions of terms outlined in the FY19 IPPS Final Rule and others are entirely new components. Among the most critical proposals are:

1.  Expanding the definition of “standard charges” to include payer-specific payment rates for all payers and for all items and services

2.  Expanding the definition of “items and services” to include professional fees and “service packages” (aggregations of services provided in connection with an inpatient or outpatient encounter)

3.  An additional “consumer friendly” disclosure of payer-specific payments for 300 “shoppable” services and associated ancillary services

4.  Actions that would address noncompliance, including imposing civil monetary penalties of up to $109,500 per year on noncompliant hospitals

Click here to read the full response where we outline these key proposals with feedback to consider when responding. The comment window ends on September 27, 2019.  Given the significant changes being proposed, we are highly encouraging hospitals to provide the CMS audit with feedback.

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