HospitalDx® – BI Platform

HospitalDx® helps busy hospital leaders focus on the issues that need most attention.

HospitalDx® is a business intelligence platform that provides actionable data insights for hospital business leaders.

  • Quickly/easily compare disparate data
  • Identify performance issues
  • Scalable

to Staff from Finance, Decision Support, Managed Care, and other departments can utilize HospitalDx® monitor, compare, and manage a variety of business-critical data that will improve the value the hospital provides to its community. Turning data into solutions!

HospitalDx® is an extensive reporting tool that allows hospitals to utilize public and proprietary data to perform cost/charge analysis down to the individual procedure level. Hospitals can even upload their own data to create custom comparative analyses.


Choose The Option For Your Hospital!

HospitalDx® Interactive + Web-based interactive tool that allows users to explore how the data they upload into the system compares to other facilities nationwide – identifying patterns, trends, and opportunities.

HospitalDx® Interactive Utilizing the framework of Interactive +, this platform specifically leverages Medicare data.

HospitalDx® Reports The industry leader in comparative benchmarking, with 13 standard reports.

  • Use the Interactive Dashboard to quickly & easily monitor KPIs.
  • Start at facility-wide metrics to identify & drill into opportunities
  • Review statistics by product line
  • Filter by procedure code
  • Easily compare physicians
  • Create custom silos of data by facility, physician, payor, or group and line them up side-by-side


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