Rate Advisor

Hospital Pricing Analysis: Clear, Defensible, + Viable Recommendations


Our Rate Advisor Service reviews a hospital’s prices at the procedure code level and presents an analysis of suggested rate changes designed to enhance the defensibility of proposed pricing with sensitivity to financial impact.  This analysis is designed to allow management to impose a variety of parameters on rate increases to reach market and revenue objectives.

Even if you have completed pricing analyses in the past, Cleverley + Associates can work with you to enhance your current position in these critical areas:

The Process:

Our process begins with listening to your unique goals, concerns, and project timelines. From there, our team of experienced data integration and reimbursement consultants will work with you to extract  key data elements that are used in the pricing study process.  Once integrated, our comprehensive assessment will show detailed market-based comparisons, unique proprietary metrics, and a robust evaluation of financial impact modeling to analyze different price strategies. We thrive on hearing comments like: “I never thought we would get all of this” and “this is exceptionally powerful information.” Our goal is to help you identify a price strategy that improves market position and defensibility while maintaining financial viability.  And, we are passionate about helping hospitals change the way hospital pricing is perceived and received by patients.  With an emphasis on the current, but an eye to the future, we are partnering with hundreds of hospitals each year to truly make a difference.

Cleverley + Associates Consultants, Account Managers, and project team work closely with your staff throughout the entire process to make sure that your goals are met within your time, resource, and budget requirements. Our Consultants will work with you and your management team to fine-tune the modeling parameters to meet your needs.  We will provide as many pricing scenarios as needed as well as expert opinion and analysis for no additional fee.  All services are included in one flat fee.