Cleverley Spring Summit: Addressing Price Transparency’s Key Questions 

During the Cleverley Spring Summit on May 21st we broke down our observations into answering four key questions:

  • How are hospitals complying?
  • How is the disclosed data being used?
  • How can hospitals defend their position in light of this information being made public?
  • How can hospitals prepare for the future?

Scroll down to see each of our sessions, as well as the presentation material. For more information, or if you have any questions, contact us here!

Session 1: How are hospitals complying?  

Speakers: Jamie Cleverley and Sean Gardner 

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The Final Rule on Hospital Price Transparency (CMS-1717-F2) set extensive requirements for hospitals to post standard charges for all items and services effective January 1, 2021. In the months leading up to effective date, many hospitals struggled to fully understand how to disclose the required information and/or how their approach might differ from peers. This session focused on the different ways hospitals have complied with the rule supported by our research of thousands of hospital disclosures. Learn which elements of standard charge, items, services, and service packages are being disclosed and in what formats.  

Session 2: How is the disclosed data being used?  

Speakers: Jamie Cleverley and Caitlin McLuckie

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Now that the data has been disclosed, this session focused on how hospitals and other organizations are using this information. We discussed the strength and limitations of the data, as well as options to overcome some of the inherent challenges in making comparisons.  

Session 3: How can hospitals defend their position?  

Speakers: Scott Houk and Courtney Vance 

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In the wake of the release of transparency information, hospitals have been challenged to educate and defend their standard charge position. This session presented strategies to help clearly communicate this position to internal and external stakeholders.  

Session 4: How can hospitals prepare for the future? 

Speakers: Jamie Cleverley and Chris Blissmer 

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This final session presented what considerations hospitals should focus on to prepare for the current and future transparency environment.  

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