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Rate Advisor

We analyze hospital prices at the procedure code level and present an analysis of suggested rate changes designed to enhance the defensibility of proposed pricing with sensitivity to financial impact.
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Contract Concierge

Contract benchmarking, modeling, and measurement through personal consulting with industry experts.

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We utilize extensive proprietary and public data sources to create fact-based, actionable plans to address specific client objectives.


Web-based software that creates custom analyses of financial/operating strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Utilizes client-submitted claims data as well as national public-use data.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Are Health Insurance Firms Putting Profits Over Patient Care? There have been some advertisements on various media platforms suggesting that major health insurance firms are prioritizing profits over the health of patients. The website that contains more information is and is an initiative of Trinity Health. The primary focus of the commercials and the website is that hospitals are not being fairly reimbursed by major health insurance firms and are realizing inadequa...
Thursday, December 14, 2023
What’s New in Hospital Price Transparency and How Did We Get Here? The CY24 OPPS Final Rule contains additional information and requirements regarding hospital price transparency. The changes build on transparency requirements previously established in past rules and other regulations.   In 2010 the ACA responded to calls for price transparency. In 2014 the FY15 IPPS proposed rule called for hospitals to make pricing available to the public by posting the CDM information or provid...
Friday, October 06, 2023
Should Healthcare Services be Priced at Identical Cost Markups?   Over the last 25 years our firm has received a large number of proposed pricing strategies from our clients. One of those strategies is to set all prices for their Charge Description Master (CDM) codes at a constant markup from cost. To put this in perspective, the 2021 US median hospital markup for acute care hospitals not designated as Critical Access was 3.80. For the average US acute care hospital that would equate to ...
Thursday, September 21, 2023
Is Contract Labor Impacting Hospital Costs? The American Hospital Association in March 2023 reported the results of a recent study on contract labor in hospitals. “Contract labor expenses for hospitals and health systems surged 258% from 2019 to 2022 as nationwide labor shortages forced many to rely on contract staffing firms to meet patient demand, according to an analysis of 2022 data from over 1,000 hospitals and health systems by AHA and Syntellis. Contract labor full-time equivalents jum...


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