CleConsumer Shoppable Report!

Cleverley + Associates Introduces the Consumer Shoppable Report!

Shoppable services, and the issues of pricing transparency indelibly connected to them, are a hot topic in the hospital industry. In the past we’ve created several reports to help hospitals who are searching for strategies to reduce prices, by focusing on procedures where they are likely to have the most competition from free-standing providers. In that spirit, we created the Cleverley Consumer Shoppable Report.

This report allows you to compare your hospital’s charges with those of selected peers and groups at the procedure-code level. You can compare the top hospital procedures and where hospitals and free-standing entities compete for services.

It also incorporates all CMS required HCPCS® codes plus an additional 300+ of the most frequently used outpatient services by HCPCS® in hospital settings and free-standing centers.

Although this type of charge-based report does not meet the requirement of providing contracted payment by procedure it does give hospitals valuable insight into their charge position next to their regional peers in high use shoppable procedures.

The report includes:

List of 400 procedure codes / HCPCS grouped by service

Identification of the CMS required HCPCS

Average Medicare charge by HCPCS by provider

Comparison to any selected provider or group of providers

Comparison to state, regional, or bed-size based groups of providers If you’d like to learn more about this report, please contact us!

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