What Would Die Hard Cost John McClane (and His Hospital) (This Year) (Again)

What is the Price of the Injuries in Die Hard?

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Well, it’s a movie that is watched most during the holidays, takes place during Christmas, and features Christmas as a plot point, so technically yes. But that’s the beside the point. We’re here to discuss what Die Hard would cost for John McClane and his local hospital because, let’s face it, he had a bad day.

Cleverley + Associates can weigh in where we’re experts, which is hospital pricing data! We can’t comment on what, exactly, McClane did to his poor spine, but we can look at the dollars.

You can read our last two years here and here.

First off, McClane punches a man a lot while falling down the stairs. We don’t think he did any real damage because the movie is still an hour long, but he should probably get his head checked.

He’d probably get an MRI and CT scan (Let’s go ahead and do both, since he’s a hero.)

We’d also want to do an ImPACT test.

Here’s what the prices looked like for the last few years.

Next, our hero cuts his feet on broken glass. We don’t like to think about this one too much.

We’re going to need a lot of antiseptics, bandages, and probably stiches. Also, foreign body removal from the wounds.

Again, ow.


Next up, a gunshot! He doesn’t seem to have been hit in anything vital, given the fist fighting that follows, but it’s still a bullet!

Finally, in a moment of pure genius, John McClane wraps a fire hose around himself and bungee jumps off the building. He then breaks through a window using his already battered body. Please do not try this at home.

This probably caused several injuries but let’s focus on his poor, poor spine.

Finally, McClane rides off into the sunset with his love reignited and his Christmas spirit rejuvenated…and possibly bone shards in his organs. Here’s how his bill looks over the years.

Happy Holidays everyone! Yippee-ki-yay!

Would you like to know how well your hospital measures up if an action hero appears in your facility? We can help!

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